As an active Assembly, we participate in a number of significant events, activities and programs throughout the year, at the Assembly, the District, the State, the Supreme and the National level. A listing of such activities includes:

  • Our Annual Installation of Officers Ceremony
  • Our Annual Rebewal of Vowels Ceremony
  • Our Annual Picnic
  • Our Annual Memorial Mass and Chalice Program
  • Ultrasound Fundraising Campaigns
  • Flag Retirement Ceremonies
  • March for Lfe and Life Chain participation
  • Seminarian, Other Religious And Military Scholarship Programs
  • Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July Celebration support
  • New Church and Parish Hall Dedications
  • Fourth Degree Exemplification participation
  • Religious ceremonies, jubilees and anniversaries
  • Support of the V.A. , the U.S.O, and the returning verterans
  • Benevolence Fund for SKs in need

Immanent function listings may be found here.

In addition to the myriad things that we do, we also support the events and programs put on by our constituent Councils. At each meeting, Council representatives are called upon to communicate any activities or programs that they would like us to either participate in or to otherwise support.  A listing of forthcoming events and activities may be found here.

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