Like the Councils of the Knights of Columbus from which we draw our membership, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Assembly #1620 holds a number of functions, and sponsors or endorses a number of inside and outside programs, activities and events that are of interest to our members and to the various communities and other stakeholders that we serve.

The following calendar attempts to capture and summarize the dates, times and locations for many of these, including  those of National, State, Assembly-specific or Council interest.

In addition to these activities, we also support programs and activities, sponsored, endorsed or hosted by our constituent Councils.

Admittedly, this is perhaps the hardest page to maintain on our website — a list of current events of significance to at least a subset of our members and the population at large.

Part of the difficulty is that our Fourth Degree has members from at least a dozen local Councils, and, in the minds of many of our Assembly members, “Council comes first.” Still, we have a fiat, a mandate, and a driving vision for all Assemblies, and our Assembly in particular. And that all boils down to the fact that we recognize the importance of getting together and doing stuff, in tandem, on a regular basis to drive forward our guiding principle (Patriotism) as well as those guiding principles of the other three degrees (Charity, Unity and Fraternity). To that end, we will try to maintain a calendar of events that are of significance¬† to each of our constituent Councils, certainly our Assembly, our Assembly District, and a variety of other stakeholders.

Our current calendar is as follows:


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