Say what you will about the Knights of Columbus, we are pretty astute when it comes to a) licensing our trademarked logos, and b) providing unlimited objects of desire for our members.

Accordingly, the KofC has developed or approved a dazzling array of officially sanctioned gifts, tools, and other items for the discriminating (and not so discriminating member) of our Order, including Athletic apparel and goods, office attire, sportswear, ties, leather goods and accessories, accessory metals, books, videos, jewelry, religious and liturgical items, pins, awards . . . even some pretty cool Father McGivney Guild stuff. Not to mention Regalia, Baldwin’s, Membership Cards, Guidebooks, etc.  There is something to appease the taste of everybody.

Purchasing these objects of desire, though, is sometimes quite difficult, because there is often a world of qualitative difference between an officially sanctioned vendor and one who is not so officially sanctioned. Accordingly, we are providing a list of approved vendors—- not approved officially by the Knights of Columbus in all regards —- but vendors who have proved that they offer something where the risk/reward ratio merits a try.

The Following Nine Vendors have proven themselves to be worthy of use by our members, and we are pleased to share them with you:

1. Knights Gear –

2. The English Company –

3. Lynch Kelly –

4. eBay –

5. Jovic Embroidery –

6. EmbroidMe Catonsville –

7. Etsy –

8. Village Custom Embroidery –

9. Paradise –



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