As an Assembly, as an Order and as individual Sir Knights and Brother Knights in good standing, we stand for wholesome, family-oriented events and programs that benefit our members, our families, our communities and our nation.

As a Catholic-centered organization, we support the goals, objectives, and activities of our Mother Church, and we are advocates for some of its core missions, including:

  • the Dignity of All Individuals;
  • the Culture of, and Right To, Life;
  • the desirability of Religious Freedom; and
  • the Sanctity and Importance of the Family as a social unit.

Recently, we have emphasized a number of initiatives (e.g. “Building the Domestic Church”) which we believe can help strengthen the spiritual aspects all individuals by building on our core commitments to family and church.

To a man, we support our clergy, and all who serve in some form of religious capacity in support of te ideals of our Church. We support, priests, deacons, seminarians, other religious, and a variety of church initiatives and imperatives.

We also support a number of groups, such as veterans, police officers, firemen, teachers, and a variety of other functional groups that provide service for the benefit of our communities, often at great personal and family sacrifice.

We are avid supporters of causes which support the disenfranchised (the poor, the ostracized, the weak, the infirm, the mentally challenged —- literally any person who needs the support of our group in order to reclaim their dignity as individuals formed in the image of God.

Finally, we seek to be evangelizers, to bring souls to the Catholic Church if they have never experienced it, to bring souls back to the Catholic Church if they have left it for any reason, or to support those of our fellow Church members that are already in the Church. To this end, we very rarely proselytize; instead, we hope to embody the joy and comfort that comes from being faithful Catholics in a community of Catholic gentlemen that shar a vision of faith, hope and love.


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