A Sir Knight is a Brother Knight first and foremost, but one who has decided to experience the full experience of being a Knight of Columbus by joining the Fourth or Patriotic degree —- to fulfill the Quattro Of Knightly virtues consisting of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

As noted elsewhere on this site, Patriotic Degree members are drawn from a subset of Council members in a given region from a number of different Councils. After being approved by an earmarked Assembly for membership, and after being “Exemplified” in a Fourth Degree Ceremonial, a Fourth Degree member becomes part of an Assembly, and is forever after known as both a “Brother Knight” and a “Sir Knight.”

Sir Knights are distinguished from Brother Knights however, in that they participate in a number of events and programs that support the “Patriotic” idea; of the Knights of Columbus, and they are also entitled to purchase and wear the regalia of the Knights of Columbus at a variety of pre-approved functions and events. Such functions and events include a variety of church functions, patriotic displays, events and programs supported by the Supreme Council, the State Council, or Assemblies and Councils. One of our most important functions is to stand as witnesses at the wake and funerals of our deceased members.

In terms of our Assembly-level events and programs, we support our patriotism in a variety of ways. We are often focused on providing support to our veterans, our active members of the military, and other service providers in our communities or our nation.

Overall, the Knights of Columbus provides programs and events running the gamut of possibilities.

In short, as Knights we are called upon to  volunteer, donate, participate, educate,  communicate, celebrate, and pray —always, however, at each individual member’s personal discretion and always in the context that , since we are members for life, no one is called upon to participate in all things at all times.

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