Our Assembly, officially referred to as the Elizabeth Ann Seton Assembly, No. 1620  is a very active Assembly in the Maryland District of the Calvert Province of the Knights of Columbus. We were instituted in January, 1973, and, accordingly, we recently celebrated our 45th anniversary.

We meet every fourth Thursday at Stafford Hall (where the St. Agnes Council of the Knights of Columbus also meets regularly) in Catonsville, Maryland.

We draw our members (which we refer to as “Sir Knights”, or our “Brother Sir Knights”) from eligible third degree members from Knights of Councils who are local to us. Currently, we have members from  the Patapsco, St. Agnes, Woodlawn, Fr. Joseph Comyns, St. Benedict, St. Alphonsus Rodriguez, St. Louis the King, Columbia and Our Lady of Victory Councils.

Our meetings typically start with a Mass, or with a Rosary Recitation. After we have completed our service, we join together for a nice meal, and then at approximately 8:OO P.M. we begin a business meeting, which lasts approximately 1 hour or so, after which we fraternize before heading home.

We participate in, and/or host a variety of programs, fundraisers and events throughout the year, including an annual fraternal picnic (which we hold in late spring) and we support a number of local charities, as well as certain State and Supreme Knights of Columbus initiatives.

As Practical Catholic Gentlemen, we also support and defend the ideas and ideas of the Roman Catholic Church, and in particular we support initiatives and programs in support of prayer, religious freedom, the centrality of families, and a culture of life which respects the dignity of the human person, as formed in the image and likeness of God.

If you are interested in supporting these ideas, and you have already been admitted to the Formation (or Third) degree of the Knights of Columbus, please consider joining us. We would love to have your fellowship.

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